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July 21, 2022

5 More Products You Might Not Have Known Were Available from Absopure

Absopure started as an ice delivery company in 1908 and, since then, has expanded its offerings tenfold. With products ranging from Natural Spring Water to Office Coffee Services, Absopure prides itself on innovation and has continued to evolve its product line in order to best serve its customers. However, with tons of options to choose from, it can be easy to miss out on a quality Absopure product you didn’t know you needed. That’s why we’re highlighting our list of Absopure products you might not have known were available!

AmplipHy Alkaline Water

We are always looking for new ways to expand our product line to satisfy our customers’ ever-evolving hydration needs. That’s why we developed AmplipHy Alkaline Water with a higher pH than everyday drinking water. Vapor-distilled for purity, AmplipHy contains electrolytes for a great-tasting hydration experience as well as essential minerals for a pH of 9.5+. The high pH can be helpful for multiple hydration needs, like helping keep minerals and electrolytes balanced to prevent dehydration after a workout.

Absopure Purified Drinking Water

Whether you pick up a 24-pack, gallon jug or five-gallon bottle of Absopure Purified Drinking Water, you will experience smooth, thirst-quenching hydration. Only the purest water is bottled during this process, resulting in a refreshingly clean drink. Available for pick up in stores, office delivery and home delivery, you can’t go wrong with the crisp, clean taste of Absopure’s Purified Drinking Water. Plus, if you need a cooler for the five-gallon jug, check out Absopure’s home sign-up page and get a water cooler delivered directly to you, installation included.

Natural Spring Water – SportsCap

It’s important to stay hydrated during any physical activity or when you’re on the go. But stopping to uncap and recap a bottle in the middle of your workout can throw off your stride. Thankfully, Absopure SportsCap bottles are the perfect solution! Just flip the top up for easy access and say goodbye to the bottle cap struggle. You can find Absopure’s Natural Spring Water SportCap 25oz 24-pack in a store near you using Absopure’s store locator. Or next time you’re running errands, swing by your local gas station or convenience store to find Absopure 1L single bottle with a SportsCap.

Absopure Steam Distilled Water

Water should be a pure, clean and refreshing experience. Absopure Steam Distilled Water is one of the cleanest forms of drinking water! Available for purchase in-store and delivery, Absopure’s Steam Distilled Water comes in a variety of sizes. Did you know the Steam Distilled 16.9oz 24pk is exclusively available through Home and Office Delivery? Sign up here to have a case delivered to your home. It’s a great option for those who want to take their distilled water on the go.

Home Water Coolers

If keeping a 24-pack in your garage or pantry isn’t your style, try Absopure At-Home Water Coolers. You can choose from an assortment of coolers and dispensers that perfectly fit your home’s needs. Abospure’s Water Coolers are available in five varieties, including Instant Hot and Instant Cold Cooler, Bottom Load, Hot and Cold Cooler and more. Sign up today and get instant access to cool, clean water whenever you need it. We will do all the heavy lifting, including delivery and installation of your new system within just one week!

Find Absopure in-store using the product locator, or sign up for home delivery to try out our many different products.