More Than 100 Years of Experience and Success

Our humble beginnings date back to 1908, when Absopure Ice was delivered to Detroit area customers on horse-drawn wagons. Originally a brand name of General Necessities Corporation, Absopure was located in Detroit’s Fairview Station, at the foot of Lycaste Avenue. Through the 1920s, Absopure thrived and even offered our own brand of electrical “Frigerators,” advertised nationally in the Saturday Evening Post.

After being hit by The Great Depression, Absopure was purchased by Arthur and Belle Porteus, who formed a new business called Absopure Water Company – concentrating on bottled water products. From their plant on Henry Street near Old Tiger Stadium, Absopure offered home water delivery services, and continued to thrive for decades.

In the mid 1950s, an entrepreneur named William P. Young purchased Absopure Water Company. Through innovation and an acute business sense, Mr. Young successfully built on Absopure’s foundation of quality. Mrs. Young and their son, William (Bill), helped the family business by assisting with day-to-day operations. Bill Young joined Absopure full time in 1961, and soon became the driving force of the company. Soon, his own children became active in the business.

In 1973, the Young Family merged with Chicago-based Beatrice Foods, but they remained in control of the Absopure division. Through Beatrice’s resources, significant investments were made in new equipment and facilities modernization. Cap10 All Natural Sparkling Mineral Water was added to the Absopure product line at that time.

In 1982, the Young Family re-purchased Absopure from Beatrice, and have since continued our legacy of innovation by continually expanding our products and services to meet the changing needs of our customers. This includes becoming the first water company to recycle its own bottles after establishing Clean Tech in 1986, a Dundee, Michigan-based plant that now recycles over three billion bottles per year.

In 1988, Absopure was the first-to-market with clear plastic gallon water bottles, and in 1990 we added office coffee services to our home and office delivery service. Our distribution footprint continued to expand over the coming years, notably growing into the St. Louis market in 1996. We have also introduced a number of new product offerings, most recently including Absopure Plus—which takes Absopure’s vapor-distilled water and adds electrolytes for a great-tasting hydration experience.

Today, Absopure products can be found at retailers across the U.S., and delivered directly to homes and offices in select areas throughout the Midwest.