Absopure’s Green Initiatives

At Absopure, all our products are clean, fresh and ecologically responsible—closing the bottled water recycling loop through ecological measures that place a priority on environmental sustainability.

Our commitment to green initiatives started in 1986, when Absopure became the first water company to recycle its own plastic bottles after establishing Clean Tech, a Dundee, Michigan-based plant that now recycles over three billion bottles per year. Absopure’s commitment to recycling has also created hundreds of jobs across our operations.

Our Eco-Pak™ bottles are made from bottles recycled at Clean Tech, with each bottle containing a minimum 10% recycled content. The Eco-Pak™ encourages use of recycled materials, and promotes community and curbside recycling—practices that protect the environment and create a sustainable future. Additionally, Absopure Home and Office direct delivery group offers direct pick-up of empty Absopure water bottles from our customers for more convenient recycling.