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November 18, 2020

How Does Mobile Grocery Work, Where to Get Absopure with It

Mobile grocery shopping is here to stay. Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, more than one-third of consumers started shopping online weekly. That’s up 28% compared to the number of online shoppers pre-COVID. At first, it may have seemed like this form of shopping would pass with time, but according to a new global study, 81% of users say they will continue buying groceries digitally post-COVID.

The idea of buying groceries online can sound confusing. And although one-third of consumers already use mobile grocery shopping, that still means two-thirds don’t. You may have questions like, “what if the store is out of a product I want?” or “what’s the difference between pickup and delivery?” But overall, people who haven’t tried buying groceries online are probably wondering, “how does a mobile grocery store work?”

How Does Mobile Grocery Work?

Mobile grocery stores can be accessed online via your computer or an app on your phone. Not all grocery stores offer mobile shopping, but a couple of examples of grocery stores within the region that do, are Kroger and Meijer. Start by downloading the grocery store app or logging onto their website. Each store operates similarly, but looks a bit different, so let’s break it down for you. 

Shopping at Meijer

To shop online at Meijer, start by creating a free account. Sign in to meijer.com or through the Meijer app, select a department and shop by the categories offered. You can organize products according to price range, brand name and health specifications. As you shop, you will see items marked on sale, mPerks deals taking place, and whether a product is out of stock. Just click the blue “Add to Cart” button for anything you want to purchase, and it will be added to your virtual shopping cart.

Sometimes items added to your cart are out-of-stock at the store near you, so Meijer provides brand substitutions. You can choose between any brand, no substitutions, Meijer brand, or national brand. If you select no substitutions, Meijer will remove any out of stock items from your total. If you wish to have substitutions, your shopper will text you when items are missing and offer alternatives.

Having your groceries delivered will cost an extra $9.95, but if you pick them up, it’s free for orders over $50. After entering your payment information, address, and other necessary details, you are set to receive your groceries! Check out Meijer’s frequently asked questions on home delivery if you want to learn more about operating their mobile shopping.

Shopping at Kroger

Shopping via Kroger is very similar to Meijer. Start by signing into Kroger.com or the Kroger app and choose a department. Make a specific selection within the department and scroll through the variety of merchandise. As you shop, you can see Kroger deals, load virtual coupons, and filter by brand. Add items you want to purchase to your cart by pressing the “Add to Cart” button until you’ve selected everything you need.

Once you’ve finished shopping, click the cart at the top right corner and proceed to check out. Choose whether you want pickup or delivery. Like Meijer, there is a $9.95 charge to have your items delivered, or you can pick them up at the store for free. Kroger also gives you the option of providing substitutions. If you opt-in to substitutions, you will receive a text message showing any items that need to be switched out after purchase.

To pick up your groceries, you will need to update your zip code, select a nearby store, and choose a day and time to pick up your food from the available options listed at checkout. When it’s time to pick up your groceries, park in a designated grocery store pickup space and wait for an associate to bring out your order. You don’t even have to exit the car! Your personal shopper will load your vehicle for you, making shopping simpler than ever. For more help navigating Kroger mobile shopping, check out their frequently asked questions. 

Shopping for Absopure

Mobile shopping is a great option for making shopping for your favorite household staples more convenient.  Try it out by adding a case of Absopure to your cart! Many big-name grocery stores who participate in delivery and pickup offer a variety of Absopure products. For example, Kroger offers a 2-gallon container of Absopure Natural Spring Water. The attached spout feature will make pouring yourself a glass of water fast and easy.

Meijer offers a variety of Absopure water in different types and sizes, including a 1 gallon jug and 35 pack of Absopure Spring Water, a 1 gallon jug of Absopure Distilled Water and a 1 gallon jug of Absopure AmplipHy Alkaline Water.

Jewel-Osco carries items like a 24 pack of Absopure Plus Electrolytes, 24 pack of Absopure Spring Water and a 128 oz container of Absopure AmplipHy Alkaline Water. And you can order a gallon of Absopure Natural Spring Water for pickup at your local Walmart.

Whether you’re looking for a quicker, easier way to shop for groceries or you just want to check out the hype, try using a mobile grocery store! It’s a great way to get the essentials while staying safe and saving time. You can shop for all kinds of things, including meat, produce, soup, cereal, frozen meals and, of course, Absopure water.

Have you already tried mobile grocery shopping? Let us know what kind of Absopure is your go-to while mobile grocery shopping!