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October 14, 2015

Running With a Purpose: Absopure Teams Up with Hope Water Project

If you live in the United States, clean drinking water is easy to take for granted. But for the Pokot people—an impoverished, yet determined community in Western Kenya—clean water is the key to ensuring the survival of their vibrant culture....

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Healthy Living
October 6, 2015

Important Hydration Tips from the Detroit Free Press Marathon Fluids Director

This is a guest blog post from Mary Dorazio, fluids director for the Detroit Free Press Marathon. Absopure is the official bottled water of the Detroit Free Press Marathon. The Detroit Free Press Marathon is right around the corner! More...

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Healthy Living
October 1, 2015

Healthy Eating Habits for Kids: A How to Guide

Anyone raising a toddler knows that routines are important. From when to go to bed, or what clothes to wear, our young ones thrive on consistency and reliability. That’s why, the key to helping children become healthy eaters is helping...

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