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August 29, 2023

The Importance of Drinking Quality Water

Water connects every aspect of life. Whether it’s used for keeping our bodies well-hydrated, healthcare, food preparation or simple refreshment, quality water is not just a necessity but a key driver for a healthier and more energized life. As we approach the end of National Water Quality Month, Absopure is diving deeper into the importance of quality water and its impact on personal health.

Water Quality

Access to clean, safe, contaminant-free water is essential for human survival. Preserving and promoting good water quality benefits the environment, safeguards public health and helps protect water resources for future generations. Absopure is committed to producing quality bottled water for a healthier tomorrow for all our consumers. 

Health Benefits

Drinking quality water has many health benefits, including maintaining the body’s optimal temperature, lubricating joints, managing body weight, increasing energy levels and protecting sensitive tissues. It contributes to the body’s detoxification process, eliminating waste products through urination, perspiration and bowel movements. Regular water intake is most important in hotter climates, during physical activity or when battling fevers and other illnesses.

Absopure’s Quality Process

Absopure’s bottled water exceeds federal, state and local regulations. It is tested multiple times each day to ensure they maintain the highest degree of quality. For example:

Natural Spring Water Process

The first step in preparing tasty and refreshing Absopure All Natural Spring Water is capturing water directly at the source–deep beneath the ground. Once the water is collected, Absopure tankers transport and deliver it to our state-of-the-art filling locations. Although this water undergoes ​​nature’s own filtration process, it’s also processed through Absopure’s Multi-Barrier System to ensure it’s free of particulates, unwanted elements, organic matter and bacteria. The end result is clean, natural spring water filled with naturally occurring minerals that give Absopure Spring Water its great taste!

Steam Distilled Drinking Water Process

Absopure Steam Distilled Water is one of the cleanest forms of drinking water! It begins with the source water entering Absopure’s Carbon-Bed Filtration Process to remove chlorine and volatile organic chemicals. Following this step, the water undergoes Absopure’s Steam Distillation Process and is boiled at 212° until it becomes a steam vapor, leaving any remaining heavy unwanted elements behind. The vapor is re-condensed into a liquid and processed through our Multi-Barrier System, resulting in clean, crisp water free of minerals and impurities.

Purified Drinking Water Process

Absopure Purified Drinking Water undergoes a rigorous filtration process that prioritizes only the purest water molecules. The method begins with the Carbon-Bed Filtration Process and then moves through Absopure’s Reverse Osmosis Process. During this stage, pressure forces the water through a membrane, separating impurities and allowing pure, clean water to pass through. Finally, the water undergoes various operations in the Multi-Barrier System to remove particulates and unwanted elements, eliminate organic matter and safeguard against bacteria. The end result is refreshingly clean, great-tasting drinking water in its purest form!

With these rigorous water filtration processes in place, every water product ensures high-quality, great-tasting drinking water.


Whether picking up a case of water at your local retailer or utilizing our Home Delivery Service, Absopure makes accessing clean, quality water even easier. Sign up today and save time and energy while contributing to improved health for you and your family.

With National Water Quality Month wrapping up, take a moment to reflect on the impact quality water has on your life. Absopure encourages you to find ways to support initiatives that aim to improve water quality. Together, we can work towards a nation where everyone can access safe, high-quality water.