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June 15, 2017

4 Ways Drinking Water Can Benefit Your Muscles

If fitness is important to you, then there are most likely a host of routines and disciplines you follow each day in the name of building muscle – a certain amount of time spent working out, a specific diet, a set intake of vitamins, calories and protein, etc.

But what’s often overlooked amongst the crowded list of healthy habits is water consumption. A vital nutrient that makes up two-thirds of our body, water is crucial to building and developing strong muscles.

To better help you prioritize drinking water during your workouts, here are four ways it can benefit you.

Water Energizes Your Muscles

As with most things in your body, muscles require a certain balance in order to function at their optimal levels. Whether you’re hydrating before you hit the gym or prior to an important race, without enough water, your muscles are not getting the electrolytes you need to maintain balance – which results in weakening strength and control, and even dehydration. If you drink the appropriate amount of water, your muscles become energized, allowing you to be more awake, alert and perform at a higher level.

Water Lubricates Your Joints

Water is a key nutrient in the makeup of the synovial fluid, which helps lubricate your joints and allows for ease of movement. If you fail to drink enough water, even for a short time, less fluid is available to protect your joints – which can be detrimental with the added stress from weight lifting. Drinking water provides that protective fluid which will help you optimize performance and give longer life to your joints.

Water Helps You Tolerate More Pain

According to the journal Psychophysiology, drinking an adequate amount of water can help increase your endurance and tolerance to pain. When in a dehydrated state – that is, drinking under your recommended daily dose of water – perception and sensitivity to pain is radically higher. If you want to keep your workouts longer and more intense to build better muscles, up your water intake and reap the benefits.

Water Speeds Up Your Recovery Time

Sore muscles are one of the biggest prohibitors of consistent strength building, and can be tough to work through. Dehydration can make the recovery period feel even worse. Drinking water is beneficial in speeding up that recovery time and eradicating feelings of soreness – removing toxins from your body, and keeping your muscles in proper working order.

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