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June 6, 2014

Taste Test: What Does Absopure Premium Coffee Taste Like?

When it comes to coffee, everyone has their favorite blend. While we may not be able to explain why we like the type of coffee we do, we can immediately tell the difference between a cup of coffee we enjoy and one we don’t necessarily care for.

Whether you prefer the taste of a dark roast coffee or a milder blend, the type of coffee you prefer mostly depends on what region of the world the coffee bean was cultivated in and how it was roasted. Much like grapes are harvested to make wine, there are many different varieties of coffee beans that when roasted produce their own distinct “flavor.”

No two coffee beans are exactly the same. Seasonal changes in temperature and weather have an affect on the flavor characteristics of each harvest, and can make it challenging for coffee roasters to produce a consistent tasting product.

However, the coffee roasting experts at Becharas Brother’s Coffee Co. have refined the art of coffee roasting down to a science to create consistent tasting coffee blends. Known for their unique ability to preserve and extract the rich taste profiles of coffee beans harvested from different countries around the world, Detroit-based Becharas Brother’s Coffee Co. creates gourmet coffee that rivals the big name brands on grocery store shelves. That’s why we chose to partner with them to create our own line of Absopure Premium Coffees.

When you drink one of our six different varieties of Absopure Premium Coffee, here’s what you can expect:

  • Exclusive Full-Body Arabica: Described as having a rich aroma and sweet, well-balanced flavor, this blend is designed to please the majority of coffee drinkers. It is made from a finely ground blend of Colombian, Brazilian and Mexican coffee beans to create a bold, yet smooth, full-bodied flavor.
  • Classic Mild-Body Arabica: Selected from the premier growing regions of the world, you’ll enjoy the traditional character of this mellow blend any time of the day. It is a lighter, milder version of our exclusive, full-body Arabica blend and contains a similar taste profile.
  • 100% Colombian: It is said that Colombian coffee has heavily influenced American’s coffee drinking preferences. If you’re looking for a snappy cup of coffee to start your day, this is it. Boasting a full, rich aroma, this blend of coffee has flavor undertones reminiscent of red wine.
  • Colombian Select: Presenting an exquisite taste reminiscent of the finest gourmet coffee you’ve ever tasted, our Colombian Select blend contains South America’s finest Colombian beans, fully roasted to create an incredibly smooth, rich and velvety flavor profile that will leave you with a lasting impression.
  • Classic French Roast: Our classic French Roast coffee exposes the sweet and smoky qualities of the bean without leaving a bitter or burnt aftertaste that is often associated with other dark roast coffees on the market. Slightly lighter than an Espresso Roast, it contains a full-bodied flavor with a delicate spicy aroma.
  • Naturally Decaffeinated: We’ve been told that when you take a sip of our Naturally Decaffeinated coffee, you won’t even realize you’re drinking decaf. It is every bit as flavorful and enjoyable as regular coffees. Using our water-based, natural decaffeination process, we extract caffeine from our classic mild-body Arabican coffee blend to give this decaf coffee its full-bodied aroma and taste.

We invite you to try a cup of our Absopure Premium Coffee. Call us today at (800)-499-9938 to schedule a sampling and sign up for a free trial of our office coffee service.

What type of coffee do you enjoy the most?