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September 18, 2019

Six Tips to Get Back on Track for a Healthier School Year

We’re just about a month into the new school year and right at the point where some of us start to stray from our healthy routines! Water is one of the most important parts of our diet and something we all need to survive. Turns out many people, including children, don’t drink the recommended amount each day. To help our fans get back on a healthy, hydrated track, here are six tips on how to help increase your child’s water consumption.

Provide your children with a special, reusable drinking cup 

Make drinking more water a fun activity! By purchasing a reusable drinking cup, it allows your child to have access to water on the go. It can even feature their favorite character or animal which encourages them to use it even more. While the contents of a juice box might be a little sweeter, making the container they receive just as fun can go a long way in swaying their preferences in a healthier direction.

Create a reward system

Gamifying drinking water creates an exciting experience for kids. Create a chart at home that utilizes stickers. Each time they bring home the Packables bottle from their lunch, they’ll earn a sticker, all building toward a fun “grand prize”!

Choose water when you dine out

Lead by example! If you choose water while dining out not only will you save money, but your children will follow after you. If children see their parents going with water instead of soda, they’re much more likely to get on board with the healthier choice.

Swap out sugary drinks for water

Choose water over drinks, like sports drinks, sugar-sweetened beverages or fruit drinks. Instead, infuse your drinks with fruit! Kids often dislike water because it’s boring. With fruit, you can add the sweetness back in naturally.

Have water at a reachable level 

Absopure offers water coolers for at home use! These water coolers are at a kid friendly height, and allow them to fill their glass when thirsty, just like mom or dad does. Absopure offers delivery and set up within one week of purchase, so it’s easy to get started in time for the next time their parched.

Reach for Lunchables with Absopure

Since 2013, Lunchables Uploaded have featured Absopure water! So, whether you’re packing your lunches on your own with our convenient 12 or 48 count cases of Packables or are leaving the food prep to Lunchables, you’ll be well on your way to getting your kids back on a healthy track this school year.

Learn more about our wide variety of hydration options in stores and ready for home delivery.

We hope these tips help your kid’s increase their water intake and stay hydrated! If you decide to try it out, post pictures and tag us on social media. Do you have any fool-proof tips or tricks? Share them in the comments below; we would love to hear them.