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stay active and hydrated at work
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June 21, 2018

6 Great Ways to Stay Active and Hydrated at Work This Summer

Summer is always a great time to be active and take advantage of warm weather and outdoor fun! However, with careers, kids and other commitments, it can be tough to find time. We’ve compiled a list of some great ways to stay active and hydrated at work this summer.

Bike to Work

If you’re lucky enough to live in close proximity to work, this can be an excellent way to not only get in some exercise before work but also save time and money. You’ll also usually avoid the heat early in the day, so you won’t need to worry about sweating as much. Just make sure you keep hydrated to avoid being lethargic throughout the day.

Swap Your Chair for an Exercise Ball

By swapping your standard desk chair out for an exercise ball, you’ll be engaging in a miniature workout all day long. Livestrong claims that this practice can “improve stability and balance.” This is also a great way to work on work posture, one of our 4 DIY Healthy Office Habits.

Stand at Your Desk

If the balancing act of our last suggestion doesn’t fit you, another great way to engage muscle groups (specifically leg muscles) while improving blood circulation, is standing at your desk. There are even affordable desks and standing exercise mats that are widely available.  However, according to NDTV, it might be wise to sit down when you’re ready to rehydrate.

Resistance Band Workouts

A great, and fairly discreet way of getting in a substantial leg work out during the work day is to pick up a resistance band that can be used for thigh, glute and core workouts. Simply put the band around your upper knee and then move your knees apart to feel the healthy burn!

Mini Stationary Pedals

Sometimes you find yourself day dreaming about being on a nice bike ride in the park during a gorgeous day. With the help of miniature stationary pedals you’ll be one step closer to actually achieving that dream. A great way to get in a light cardio workout, this hands-free workout allows you to not only type and write, but it also lets you keep a free hand to reach for your Absopure.

Walk Breaks

While the number of smokers has decreased in recent years, the number of folks taking “walk breaks” seems to be on the rise. Block off a few 5 minute periods to walk around your office, or even the building, is a great way to refocus, stay active and socialize with co-workers. 

Whatever you choose to do to stay active in the office this summer, make sure you’re consistently staying hydrated with Absopure! Make it easy, and check out our Absopure Office Refreshment Services delivery options here!