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April 29, 2022

Ways to Get Moving During Spring

Spring brings the best weather to enjoy time outside. The sun is shining; the wind is blowing — it’s the perfect environment to get active! Whether you’re doing some spring cleaning around the house or going for a nature walk, take time for these spring-centric activities to help keep your body moving and stay in shape this season.

Go For a Walk

With the temperature rising, spring is a great time to add a walk to your daily routine. Taking a stroll is beneficial to your overall well-being and health. Walking can improve your mood, give you a boost of energy, increase your heart rate and work up a sweat. Additionally, it stimulates circulation throughout the body, resulting in relaxed heart muscles and more stable blood pressure. Take advantage of the fresh air, grab a friend or family member and get moving to improve your health this spring season. Be sure to grab a bottle of Absopure Plus Electrolyte Water as you head out so you can stay hydrated while soaking up the sun.

Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is a great way to get moving around the house and be productive. It’s the ideal season to clean your home because you can open windows to let in the fresh air and get rid of excess items accumulated during the winter season. Plus, cleaning can be a way to sneak in an extra workout by performing exercises as you clean. Exercises such as lifting furniture or lunging as you vacuum can take your normal spring-cleaning session to a rigorous full-body workout. Don’t forget to turn on your favorite music and have the family join to make it a fun day.

Yard Clean Up

Doing yard work can be a headache for some, but it is a great cardiovascular exercise! Raking leaves, sweeping, mowing the lawn and pulling weeds will increase your heart rate, aid in arterial flow and reduce blood pressure and stress. Working on your yard is also a full-body workout that works the upper and lower body simultaneously. This time outside gives you an opportunity to get some much-needed fresh air and natural sunlight after months of being stuck indoors.


Gardening is an excellent hobby to adopt during spring to help keep you moving. With the constant pulling and twisting, gardening engages multiple muscle groups at once. Digging is one of the highest intensity gardening exercises that takes a lot of effort and puts your entire body to work. Lifting and carrying heavy bags of mulch or dirt while walking can also be a great start to getting active and burning calories. It’s best to alternate between routine garden activities like raking, mowing, digging and weeding. Along with that, planting healthy foods and plants will give you easy access to clean eating. We suggest planting your favorite veggies along with some pansies or petunias to brighten up your yard.

Clean Your Car

Now that the cold weather is gone and spring is here, you can comfortably clean your car without any worry. Washing your car is a great way to consistently get your body moving and break a sweat. Get out in your driveway, fill up a bucket with soapy water and give your car a thorough cleaning. Washing the car by hand for 30 minutes burns over 100 calories and is an intense arm workout. Car washing requires repetitive hand motions that strengthen your wrists, forearms, biceps, triceps and shoulders. Cleaning your car is also an exercise that will work out your lower body muscles. Constantly squatting and standing to scrub will strengthen leg muscles helping you stay fit in the long run.

It is important to incorporate healthier activities and exercises into your daily regimen. You can make them fun and engaging by turning on your favorite songs or bringing a friend or family to tag along. Just remember to find ways to keep moving this spring so you can take your fitness to the next level!