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December 28, 2022

The Best Indoor Activities for A Cold Day

We’ve officially put away our swimsuits and flip-flops for the season, and that can only mean one thing—winter is here! Avoiding the brisk icy air and swirling snow doesn’t have to be a bad thing. With cold days ahead of us, there’s much to look forward to when staying doors and getting cozy. Grab your favorite sweater and fuzzy socks, and take a look at these indoor activities for a cold day.

Movie Marathon

Cold days are meant for staying in and watching movies! It’s the perfect chance to catch up on some of the biggest blockbusters you might have missed, but it’s an even greater opportunity to dive in head first and marathon your favorite movie series. If you’re looking for inspiration, here are some of the best movies to marathon when you’re indoors and beating the cold: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The Matrix series, Mission Impossible, Jurassic Park/Jurassic World, Star Wars, Fast & Furious, The Terminator, Back to the Future and James Bond. Now all you’ll need to do is pop some popcorn!

Hit the Books

We’re all guilty of buying that new book we just had to have and then letting it collect dust on the bookshelf for the next several months. When the temperature drops and it gets too cold to go outside, it’s time to grab that book and finally crack it open. Find a cozy spot, grab a blanket, light your favorite candle and dive in! It’s the perfect weather to curl up with a good book.


When it’s snowing and bitterly cold outside, the last thing you want to do is bundle up and trudge through the elements. The gym might be calling your name, but there are plenty of at-home exercises you can do instead. With so many virtual resources at your fingertips, you could partake in an at-home yoga class, do a HIIT dance routine or even follow along to a bodyweight training video. While you’re working up a sweat, make sure to stay hydrated! With Absopure’s At-Home Delivery Service, you can always stay hydrated while in the comfort of your home. Choose from a variety of different water products like All-Natural Spring, Plus Electrolyte Water, Purified Drinking Water and more!

Get Cozy

There’s something warm and inviting about and getting cozy on a cold winter’s day. Do you have a fireplace? It’s the perfect time to light a crackling fire and cozy up with a cup of hot cocoa and your favorite fuzzy socks. If not, consider drawing yourself a warm bubble bath or curling up and taking a nap. However you choose to relax and wind down at home, make sure your comfort and coziness are top priorities, and you can’t go wrong!

Try New Recipes

It might be cold outside, but it won’t be in your kitchen! Try experimenting by making your own soup from scratch or picking a fun new recipe to try out from a cookbook. You could also follow along with a cooking video online or even bake your favorite feel-good treat. If you’re hunkering down and beating the cold with your loved ones, this fun and interactive family-friendly activity is something everyone is sure to enjoy!

Get Creative

Although you’re escaping a winter wonderland outside, that doesn’t mean you have to remain bored inside! Tap into your creativity and see what you can bring to life. Here is a list of creative activities that will allow you to express yourself artistically and keep your mind busy. Try your hand at scrapbooking, practice painting/watercolors, learn how to knit, draw, write a short story or even create your own DIY decorations for the winter season.

With these six indoor activities for a cold day, you and your family are in for a treat! By cozying up with a good book, trying your hand at a new recipe or even warming yourself up by breaking a sweat, there’s much to look forward to on your next snow day. Maybe you’ll even come up with your own snow day rituals to enjoy.