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July 11, 2019

Room Temperature or Ice Cold: How Should You Be Drinking Water

Is room temperature water better for you than cold water? At one point in time, we’ve all asked ourselves, or Google, this question and the reciprocal. While everyone has their preference in water and may not believe in the myths, there are scientifically proven benefits to drinking one temperature over the other. The question is: When do we drink either temperature? Today, we’re sharing the benefits of drinking room temperature and cold water, and when you should be drinking it.

Cold water is better for working out.

During a workout, drinking cold water can actually help you exercise for longer periods of time. Cold water keeps your body temperature lower which results in longer amounts of energy and puts a halt on exhaustion.

Room temperature water can assist in the digesting process after eating.

Room temperature or warm water helps jump-start digesting after a great meal. While all water keeps the digestion process going, room temperature or warm water tackles and dissolves heavy foods that your body will have a harder time processing.

Drink either to boost your metabolism.

When it comes to boosting your metabolism, you have to work on increasing your overall body temperature. Of course, drinking room temperature or warmer water will do the trick, but oddly enough, so will cold water. Drinking cold water actually speeds up the process of increasing body temperature because your body is working harder to warm.

Cold water makes you more alert.

Do you ever wonder why you feel so energized after drinking a nice, cold cup of water? The answer to that: cold water aids adrenaline production. When you’re feeling a loss of motivation in the office or at home, reach for a cold cup of water to give you the necessary push to get back to what you were working on.

Room temperature water maintains hydration.

By drinking room temperature water throughout the day, you’ll feel less thirsty compared to drinking it cold. The downside to this is not drinking enough water. To stay cool, your body will sweat and lose the minimal water you’re intaking. Maintain a healthy level of water by drinking the recommended amount, even if you aren’t feeling all that thirsty.

Neither room temperature or cold water will help you lose weight any faster over the other.

One of the biggest myths about cold water is that it is better when trying to lose weight. Although one does burn up to eight calories per cup of cold water, it isn’t enough to confirm this temperature is better over room temperature. Drinking water, at any temperature, is an important factor in the weight-loss process, meaning don’t limit yourself!

At the end of the day, drinking water–room temperature or cold–is essential for our health and overall well-being. When trying to stay hydrated each day, reach for an Absopure Plus or Natural Spring Water to do the job.