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September 17, 2015

How to Boost Your Energy & Get Into The Back to School Routine

Back to school is a busy time for everyone. Gone are the days of sleeping in, summer camp and more free time. Settling into the routine of a new school year takes some time and a little getting used to. But most importantly, it takes a lot of energy.

If you find yourself struggling to get into the swing of the school-year schedule, you’re not alone. Between school, sports practices, work and the normal responsibilities of everyday life, schedules tend to be more packed than ever before.

Everyone needs a little pick-me-up around this time of the year, so we’re sharing a few ways to boost your energy levels the healthy way:

  • Don’t skip breakfast – The demanding hustle of the morning routine can make it easy to forego the ever-important first meal of the day. Give your body the fuel it needs to get a good jump on the day’s events. Start your day off with a breakfast packed with whole grains and protein. Sure, sugar-filled pastries could give you a quick boost, but the complex carbs found in whole grains burn slowly, providing you with reliable energy throughout the day.
  • Take your vitamins – You probably make sure your kids take their daily vitamin, but are you practicing what you preach? Certain vitamins and minerals are essential to maintaining strong energy levels during the day. These include magnesium, iron, folic acid and B12. Take a daily vitamin rich in those essential elements, and give your body everything it needs to fight fatigue.
  • Move and stretch – If you find your energy levels fading in the afternoon, don’t reach for another cup of coffee–get moving! A quick walk around the floor, or some basic stretches can reinvigorate your body, giving you the boost you need to make it through the day. Get your heart going and blood pumping to chase away afternoon fatigue.
  • Enjoy a healthy snack – If you want to maintain consistent energy levels, you have to make sure you’re eating at regular intervals. A healthy snack after lunch helps maintain consistent blood sugar levels. If you’re fighting fatigue, grab some trail mix, yogurt or some whole wheat peanut butter crackers for a delicious, energy-sustaining snack.
  • Stay hydrated – Feeling tired and lethargic? Those are some telltale symptoms of dehydration. We all know that there are plenty of reasons to stay properly hydrated, but one of the most important ones is maintaining blood flow. More water means better blood flow to your brain, which helps keep you active and alert.

What are some of your favorite healthy ways to keep your energy levels up so you can tackle your day with confidence? Tell us your tips in the comments below!