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Staying Hydrated
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January 18, 2023

How Staying Hydrated Can Help You Maintain (or Lose) Weight

Making up nearly 60 percent of the human body, water plays an essential role in everything we do. Staying hydrated not only helps quench your thirst but also helps your body work more efficiently. Here are some ways drinking water, combined with other healthy behaviors, can help you maintain a healthy weight and even help you lose a few pounds.

Gain More Energy

Dehydration can make it difficult for your mind and body to make healthy decisions. It can make you feel sluggish, sleepy and off your game. Plus, symptoms of dehydration, such as fatigue, dizziness and confusion, can affect your motivation to practice healthy living habits such as exercising, cooking at home and making better food choices. Staying hydrated with Absopure can help you maintain more energy throughout the day, allowing you to stay more productive and complete any task on your to-do list.

Improve Your Workout

Engaging in daily exercise is the most important step in maintaining or losing weight. Staying hydrated before, during and after exercising can significantly improve a workout and reduce the risk of muscle cramps and fatigue. Try keeping a bottle of Absopure Plus Electrolyte Water with you on your next run or visit to the gym, and ensure you get the most out of your workout.

Burn More Calories

Drinking water throughout the day can help increase the body’s resting energy expenditure, also known as the number of calories burned while resting. Additionally, drinking cold water can have added benefits by making your body work a little harder to prepare the water for digestion. Whatever the temperature, water will make your body feel energized and ready to burn calories throughout the day.

Calm Your Appetite

Oftentimes your brain can mistake thirst for hunger. So next time your stomach growls, try drinking a bottle of Absopure’s Purified Drinking Water, the equivalent of two cups of water. This amount will cause your stomach to expand, signaling fullness to your brain. Plus, drinking water throughout the day or before a meal can help curb unnecessary snacking and reduce your food intake.

Flush Out Toxins

When your body is dehydrated, waste builds up, causing you to feel bloated, swollen and tired. Staying properly hydrated allows the kidneys to function properly and helps your body flush out waste and toxins. Additionally, regular water consumption can help you recover from digestive problems, such as diarrhea and indigestion, and prevent kidney stones.

Whether you grab a bottle of Absopure’s All-Natural Spring Water or a cold cup from our At-Home Water Coolers, drinking water provides many benefits and plays an important role in achieving a healthy lifestyle. However, it is important to remember that water is just a small piece of the puzzle. Drinking water, eating healthy, exercising frequently and getting a good night’s sleep all contribute to becoming a healthier you.

Looking for a more convenient way to stay hydrated on your journey to a healthy lifestyle? Find Absopure at your local retailer or have Absopure deliver water directly to your doorstep.