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Refreshing Thoughts
June 14, 2024

Why You Should Choose Absopure

Since our early beginnings delivering ice in 1908, Absopure has been committed to providing customers with the highest-quality water and refreshment services possible. Satisfied, loyal customers allow Absopure to continuously innovate and grow, refining our processes and expanding into new markets year after year. Our glowing reviews are great examples of why you should choose Absopure!

Our Water

We’re dedicated to constantly evaluating and refining our filtration processes to produce the best quality water possible. Absopure All Natural Spring Water is taken directly from the source, maintaining all the natural minerals that give it its great taste. Absopure Steam Distilled Drinking Water is one of the cleanest forms of water you can drink! It’s boiled into a steam vapor that rises, leaving unwanted impurities behind. Then, the steam is recondensed into a pure liquid state. Absopure Purified Drinking Water is carbon-filtered and processed by reverse osmosis—resulting in crisp, pure, and refreshing drinking water.

Check out what our satisfied customers have to say about the taste of Absopure!

“The best distilled water! I have been ordering from the company since 1978, and I have never had any issues with any of my orders. The Plymouth, Michigan office manager and employees need to be recognized for the best customer service!” – Teresa F.

“I don’t have to worry about what contaminants may be in our tap water. I have a zero water pitcher at home and have used the meter to test the Absopure distilled water in the one-gallon jugs and can happily say that they measure at zero contaminants every time, right out of the jug, so I don’t even need to use my filter pitcher! Peace of mind like that is worth every penny to me!” – Nicky D.

“Absopure always tastes good. We go through about eight bottles a month. More when we have company, and the hot water feature is amazing.” – Jerry N.

Our Service

As a leader in the bottled water industry, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellent products and unmatched customer service. Absopure offers a variety of options to make staying hydrated and energized easy and convenient, including Home and Office Delivery, Office Coffee Delivery and Office Filtration Services. From delivery drivers to everyday customer service needs, our customers are thrilled with our approach to service. But don’t just take our word for it; here are some kind words from our amazing customers!

“The company I work for has coolers at several of our locations. It is my job to contact Absopure for anything related to our accounts. Each time I have contacted them, they have responded quickly and professionally. Also, the delivery driver who keeps my location supplied with water has been consistently pleasant and professional. Thank you for the excellent customer service while meeting our hydration needs.” – Magnolia Q.

“Some of the most responsive customer service I’ve ever had. When I email them about an issue, which isn’t very often, I get an email back very quickly with a resolution. 100% a great investment in my home and office!” – Joe

“I just want to thank our delivery driver who always goes above and beyond. For example, if he sees one of our coolers is out of the water, he automatically puts a new bottle on, he is always kind and pleasant, even when training new drivers. Also, anytime I have to call to check on delivery, the ladies who answer the phone are so kind and gracious. I wish I could authorize a pay raise for them all! They deserve it! Thank you.” – Jaqueline G.

“I am very impressed with the service of the Absopure employees. They are always smiling and provide excellent customer service. I especially commend my account representative, delivery man and service technicians.” – Sue K.

“Absopure has been a “good neighbor” company for so many people over the years. The staff is kind and helpful. Such a relief as a senior citizen and through recent difficult circumstances to have them be “in the neighborhood” delivering water of best quality.” – Nancy C.

“It has always been a joy to call and contact you regarding the outstanding employees you have! I would like to congratulate you on having Tamika on your Absopure team! She is a fantastic human being! She is kind, considerate and caring. She always provides me with 5-star quality service as a customer. She is a very good listener and she knows how to always put the customer first. Our world needs more people like Tamika in it! I really appreciate Tamika and Absopure!” – Jamie F.

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