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Refreshing Thoughts
March 8, 2019

Absopure’s Coffee and Food Pairing Guide

There’s nothing better than the perfect snack to pair with your favorite roast of coffee. There are plenty of interesting coffee pairings to try that many people would not initially think of. Read our coffee pairing guide to see what you might be missing out on with your next cup. 

Light Roast

Your best bet when indulging in a light roast coffee is to pair it with something subtly sweet. The coffee itself has a level of sweetness that goes well with something boasting a lighter, more savory sweetness. A couple of great examples of snacks to enjoy with a light roast are: croissants, buttered toast, shortbread cookies, avocado toast, peanut butter, gingerbread or sugar cookies.

Medium Roast

Most folks like to stick right in the middle when it comes to their coffee and why not? Medium roast coffee has a great, robust taste that leaves behind some of the bitterness associated with dark roasts. Food that pairs well with a medium roast often lean into the lunch and dinner category. Hearty foods with atypical flavors benefit from the safe, level flavor of medium roast coffee. A few examples of foods to enjoy with a medium roast are: grilled cheese, most cold cut sandwiches, chicken salads and wraps, and pasta (especially with meat sauce). 

Dark Roast

With its distinctive flavor and aroma, dark roast is often mistaken for the harshest roast of coffee there is in terms of caffeine content and flavor, but paired with the correct food, a dark roast coffee becomes a refreshing flavor that can complete any morning or afternoon snack. While we kept things in the middle with the last two flavors, we suggest going closer toward extremes when pairing with dark roast. Bold flavors like milk and dark chocolate as well as savory flavors from fatty meats and sweet sauces are likely to go best with a cup of dark roast coffee. Try some of these foods with your next dark roast: bacon, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, caramel, meatballs, meatloaf, omelets, hazelnut spread, and hearty kinds of bread.


Last but not least, we figured we could even include a section for our tea drinkers. In this case, we focused on black tea, an aromatic and full-flavored type of tea that can be very adaptable when it comes to pairing with food. It should come as no surprise that this tea goes very well with hearty foods like crumpets (essentially English muffins) and hard, crunchy biscuits. But tea is also a great complement to creamier desserts as well as heavily seasoned foods.


Regardless of what you have ready for your next meal or snack, Absopure has the coffee, tea and general necessities required to make it a great cup. Visit our website to learn more about our Office Coffee Service.