At Absopure, we’re all about empowering healthier lifestyles. As an industry leader in recycling, we also believe that part of living a healthy lifestyle is making the world a healthier place, too. That’s why we’re always striving to develop environmentally friendly products and innovative recycling processes that facilitate sustainability and help preserve the world we live in.

Five years ago today, we launched our environmentally friendly Eco-Pak water bottles. So, what better day than Earth Day to celebrate Eco-Pak’s fifth birthday? Our Natural Spring Water Eco-Pak bottles are made from recycled bottles, with each bottle containing at least 10% recycled content.

Since 1988, we’ve made recycling a fundamental part of our company’s mission and operations. Twenty-five years ago, we made recycling a fundamental part of our company’s mission and operations by starting our own recycling company, Clean Tech.

By processing more than 80 million pounds of plastic per year, Clean Tech helps keep plastic waste out of landfills and instead uses recycled material to create environmentally friendly products like Eco-Pak. With a facility located in Dundee, MI, Clean Tech has also helped create hundreds of green jobs within Michigan.

In addition to our in-house recycling initiatives, community recycling programs help provide the recycled material needed to produce our environmentally friendly Eco-Pak bottles. Please continue to do your part to keep our environment clean. Take the pledge to reduce, reuse and recycle.