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April 4, 2013

Absopure “Packables” Hit the Market

Absopure’s new Packables natural spring water are flying off the shelves as parents look to keep their kids hydrated with a healthy and easy-to-carry drinking option.

Packables are smaller bottles designed for kids. The 6.5-ounce bottles fit in kid’s hands with ease and are 100% recyclable. Also, in addition to being a much healthier alternative to sugary juice boxes, Packables prevent the waste of water that often comes with larger bottles that are left unfinished. That means no more half full water bottles lying around the house.

Absopure Packables are the only 6.5-ounce bottles on the market, and are sold in packs of 12 and 48. They are perfect to slip into your child’s lunchbox or hand to them as they run off to play. The bottles are also easily resealed, meaning your child can drink some at lunch and then save the rest for snack time or after recess. Adults will also love Absopure Packables, which fit easily inside a purse or runner’s belt, and contain the right amount of water to take a couple of pills.

It’s never been simpler to ditch sugar-packed flavored drinks while teaching your kids the importance of making proper health decisions. Swing by your local Meijer or Hiller’s* to check out these popular new water bottles, and send your children off to school with an convenient and easy way to stay hydrated.

*Absopure Packables are available at Meijer, Hiller’s and other grocery and specialty stores. Or, you can have Absopure Packables delivered to your door with Absopure home delivery.