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April 22, 2024

The Sustainable Impact of Absopure

At Absopure, we’re committed to making the planet a cleaner and more sustainable place to live. In celebration of Earth Day, we want to reflect on how we’re creating a more sustainable world through environmentally conscious practices. Check out ways we’re proactively reducing waste and reusing materials from our products to make the Earth a better place to call home.

Reusing Material

As the first water company to recycle its own plastic bottles, we’ve been continually working to decrease our impact on the planet. Since 1988, Absopure has partnered with our recycling affiliate Clean Tech to reuse the material from our plastic bottles. Now, Clean Tech processes more than 200 million pounds of plastic each year. Reusing our plastic means we keep 8 billion bottles out of landfills annually.

Giving Old Plastic New Life

For over a decade, we’ve been making our Eco-Pak™ water bottles out of the material we recycle from used bottles. In 2022, we hit a technology breakthrough that allowed us to add even more recycled content to these environmentally friendly bottles. Now, our Eco-Pak™ bottles contain 25% recycled plastic from recycled bottles, more than doubling the amount of reused plastic.

100% Recyclable Bottles

All of our single-serve water bottles, besides our Eco-Pak™ bottles, are made to be 100% recyclable. But we don’t stop there. We also collect Absopure returnable five-gallon bottles, sanitize them carefully and refill them to be used in our water coolers for as long as possible. Reusing these bottles cuts down our plastic waste significantly. And when they are done being used, the bottle is 100% recyclable.

Bringing Recycling to You

Americans buy around 50 billion water bottles a year, many of which are thrown away when they could have been recycled. Absopure offers empty bottle pickup as part of our home and office delivery services to make recycling as convenient as possible. By picking up used products, we’re able to increase the number of bottles that can be turned into something new.

 Clean and Green Communities

Absopure is proud to sponsor and donate to a variety of community events, providing cases of water to keep attendees healthy and hydrated. We ensure recycling bins are distributed at every event, that way our bottles can be properly recycled. We’re happy to make taking care of the Earth easy while still allowing everyone to have fun!

If you’re looking to make a difference this Earth Day, consider investing in our water delivery service to ensure your plastic bottles are recycled quickly and easily. Or pick up an Absopure Spring Water Eco-Pak™ and support taking plastic out of landfills.