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August 29, 2013

Think Inside the Lunch Box With Absopure Packables

Helping your child develop lifelong, healthy habits extends well beyond family dinners. When it comes to your child’s nutrition, it’s best to think inside the box—inside the lunch box that is. That’s exactly what we did when we created Absopure Packables.

Part of a healthy, balanced diet includes making sure your child stays hydrated and drinks enough water throughout the day. Until now, juice boxes have really been the only beverage product on the market that fits conveniently in a child’s lunch box. Unlike sugary juice boxes that contain artificial flavors, our 6.5-ounce bottles are small enough to conveniently fit inside your child’s lunch box, and only contain all natural spring water.

Not only do Packables fit conveniently in your child’s lunch box, they are also resealable. Instead of tossing it in the trash at the end of lunchtime, kids can easily reseal the bottle and save it for snack time. Its resealable capabilities also make it a great on-the-go product. Whether you’re running errands or carting your child to soccer practice, you can take Packables along and make sure your child doesn’t go thirsty.

Even though other popular lunch box beverages like, juice or milk, can contribute to staying hydrated throughout the day, water plays an especially important role in keeping them healthy. Not only does water keep your child hydrated, it also helps regulate body temperature and is essential to the function of cells, tissues and organs.

The amount of water your child requires on a daily basis depends on their age, height, weight and overall level of physical activity. However, most pediatricians recommend that your children (from toddlers to teen drinks) anywhere between three and eight glasses of water a day.

It can be hard to make sure your child drinks enough fluids throughout the day, especially if they do not prefer water. If your child doesn’t like the bland taste of water, you can try mixing it with a little bit of juice, or you can naturally flavor it by squeezing fresh fruit juice from a lemon, orange or lime into the bottle.

Help your child develop lifelong healthy habits by educating them how to choose healthy and the importance of staying hydrated with water. Packables are a great way to help your child stay healthy and hydrated and are available for purchase in your favorite local store or delivered direct to your door from Absopure.

How have you recently thought outside the lunch box? What do you do to ensure your child eats a healthy and balanced diet while they’re at school?