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January 16, 2024

The Role of Water When Enjoying Your Daily Cup of Coffee

Coffee is the drink of choice for many people. 63% of Americans have coffee daily, more than any other beverage—even water! Whether right after waking up or during a midday slump, coffee gives you a boost of energy and the focus you need. But did you know you can increase the benefits and decrease the side effects of your favorite daily drink? Learn more about the role water plays in your daily cup of coffee so you can enjoy it to the fullest.

Your First Drink

It’s no secret that water has plenty of health benefits. Proper hydration is key to feeling healthy and full throughout the day. It also helps the body regulate temperature, carry nutrients and flush out waste. Water intake can even help lower the risk of developing chronic disease and promote healthy aging. Simply put, water helps your body function better. By drinking a full bottle before coffee, you allow your body to properly kick start a day of nutrition and digestion. Hydration sets the stage for your body to get more out of coffee’s caffeine kick.

Balancing the Benefits

Coffee has health benefits, too! Most coffee products consist of 98% water, so even though it’s a diuretic, coffee alone shouldn’t dehydrate you. But what happens when the effects of caffeine wear off? Adenosine is a natural compound that promotes sleepiness and relaxation. Caffeine helps you feel alert and awake by preventing adenosine from binding with receptors in your body. As the caffeine dissipates, we feel the return of adenosine and a decrease in electrolytes. This is known as a “caffeine crash.”

Water helps both your morning coffee and your body do their jobs better. The body has the most natural energy right after wake-up, and water fights dehydration to prolong this energy. If you ignore water and your beverage balance heavily leans on coffee, you’re far more likely to experience the negative side effects of the caffeine crash. Staying well-hydrated maximizes our natural energy, helping delay the reach for coffee. Balancing caffeine intake with water throughout the day improves our natural energy and maximizes coffee’s kick.

Brewing for Flavor

Water is not only essential for your health but also for quality coffee. It helps extract flavor compounds while coffee brews. In fact, minerals like magnesium and calcium can give coffee stronger flavors than other waters. With its natural minerals, Absopure All Natural Spring Water is a great choice to improve home-brewed coffee. Its filtration process preserves the organic qualities necessary for a flavorful drink.

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Pay attention to when you drink water, the water you choose and its role when enjoying your daily cup of coffee. Great coffee starts with great water—your day should, too!