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winter fatigue
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January 24, 2024

Tips for Beating Winter Fatigue

Are you feeling off this winter? You’re not alone. Winter fatigue is the sudden onset of tiredness and irritability that comes with the seasons changing, and each year, millions of people are impacted. Symptoms may negatively affect productivity and routine but are not impossible to overcome. Reclaim your season with these tips for beating winter fatigue!

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is vital for your physical and mental health. It promotes maintaining bone density, is an anti-inflammatory and contains neuroprotective properties. In warmer months, an average of 8-10 minutes of sun exposure is necessary to produce a daily dose of vitamin D. However, most people residing in colder climates need to spend 2 hours in sunlight to produce a sufficient amount of daily vitamin D. Realistically, you should try spending at least 30 minutes absorbing the rays during the winter season—but don’t forget to bring your SPF!

It’s important to note sunlight isn’t the only way you can get your daily dose of vitamin D. Your diet can have a big impact as well. Foods naturally rich in vitamin D include salmon, mackerel and egg yolks. Fortified cereals and milk can also contain significant amounts of vitamin D. Supplements are a great tool in addition to diet. These are easily found at drugstores and grocery stores and can be purchased over the counter.

Vitamin D is also linked to positive mental health. Low levels of vitamin D can correlate with depression. Exposure to sunlight promotes the increase of the hormone serotonin in the brain. Serotonin helps stabilize mood, appetite and digestion. Winter fatigue can cause many to feel mentally low. Getting enough vitamin D is critical to flex your mental and physical muscles this winter.


Winter air is significantly drier than spring and summer air—increasing water loss in the body as the air must be warmed and moistened before it reaches the lungs. Remaining hydrated in colder months allows the body to efficiently convert fat to energy, which can combat the sluggish feeling many get in the winter. Dehydration combined with other winter fatigue symptoms can cause disoriented thinking, constipation and mood changes. Hydration boosts skin and gut health and leads to higher productivity levels. Keeping fresh drinking water around and readily available is key to staying hydrated. Consider a vapor distilled water with added electrolytes like Absopure Plus for an elevated drinking water experience, free from minerals and impurities.


Dry air can also affect the quality of sleep in the winter. Adults need 7-10 hours a night to help regulate weight and mood while maintaining immunity. Getting a humidifier for the bedroom produces a comfortable environment for quality sleep. The optimal humidity percentage for your room is around 40-60%. Distilled water is recommended in humidifiers for air quality and keeping your appliance clean. Absopure Steam Distilled Drinking Water is boiled at 212 degrees Fahrenheit until it becomes steam; with the heavy solids and impurities left behind, the steam vapor is condensed back into a clean liquid state. Ensure the cool mist you breathe in is free of impurities to avoid upper-respiratory infections and coughs.

The switch from autumn to winter affects millions of people every year. These tips for beating winter fatigue will guide you to a more energized, hydrated and clear-minded season!