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May 15, 2014

Absopure Partners With Michigan-Based Becharas Brothers Coffee Company to Create Its Own Line of Absopure Premium Coffees

Ever notice how a cup of coffee can make the difference between a good morning and a great one? Not only has coffee become an essential part of our morning routine, it has become a representation of who we are. In fact, recent research claims that you can tell a lot about a person just by the type of coffee they drink. Whether you’re from an older generation that enjoys the simplicity of a cup of Joe, or you prefer the extravagance of specialty coffee, each of us has a particular blend that we enjoy—and look forward to drinking each morning when we wake up.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years, it’s that our customers are very particular about their coffee. Whether you’re a business looking for simple ways to motivate employees and refresh clients, or a busy mom and weekend warrior who enjoys the sweet satisfaction of a cup of coffee before you start your day, we’re dedicated to refreshing your morning routine by making that first sip of coffee a moment to cherish.

Because we’re passionate about providing customers with an elevated coffee drinking experience, we sought out the best coffee roaster to partner with when we created our own blends of premium coffee. As a Pure Michigan company that is dedicated to supporting local commerce by partnering with other Michigan brands, we couldn’t be more honored to partner with Becharas Brothers Coffee Co. to produce our own line of Absopure Premium Coffees.

Located in Highland Park, MI, Becharas Brothers Coffee Co. has been supplying fresh, high-quality, gourmet coffee for more than 100 years. Like us, Becharas Brothers Coffee Co. is a century old, family-owned company founded in Michigan that takes great pride in its ability to produce a high-quality, affordable and consistent product.

Known for their ability to create premium gourmet coffee blends that rival other name brand products you can find on grocery store shelves, the “coffee sommeliers” at Becharas Brothers Coffee Co. have mastered the fine art and science of coffee roasting. It’s their uncanny ability to expose the rich and natural taste profiles of coffee beans harvested from different countries of origin and create a consistent taste experience that allows us to satisfy any coffee drinker’s unique preferences.

With their help, we’ve been able to create six different varieties of our own blends of Absopure Premium Coffee, including:

  • Exclusive Full-Body Arabica Blend
  • Classic Mild-Body Arabica Blend
  • 100% Colombian Blend
  • Colombian Select Blend
  • Classic French Roast
  • Naturally Decaffeinated Blend

If you consider yourself to be a coffee connoisseur and have a high expectation of your coffee, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by our robust line of premium coffees. But, don’t take our word for it. Try it for yourself.

Call us today at (800)-499-9938 to schedule a sampling and sign up for a free trial of our office coffee service.