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September 21, 2023

How to Make Working Out a Habit

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommends healthy adults should spend a minimum of 150 minutes a week, or 20 minutes a day, doing some form of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise and a minimum of 2 days weekly doing muscle-strengthening activities. However, only about 28% of Americans tend to follow these guidelines. Whether you want to train for a marathon or feel healthier in your daily life, check out these tips to help you make working out a habit.

Find a Workout You Enjoy

The first step to building a working-out habit is finding an activity you genuinely enjoy. It’s common for people to develop a workout routine and end up quitting simply because they do not enjoy the activity. One way to determine which form of exercise you like is through trial and error. Many workout studios offer free or discounted classes for first-time participants, allowing you to see what you enjoy without making a commitment.

Online platforms can be a terrific free resource for those who want to work out from the comfort of their home. These at-home options can help build the habit of working out weekly, as they are more accessible and can be done anywhere. The Nike Training Club App offers users free guided workouts and goal tracking, providing access to various workouts at home or on the go.


Another way to make working out a habit is finding a way to hold yourself accountable. Try sharing your goals with a friend or family member and ask them to make sure you stick to your plan. Asking someone to help keep you accountable can be beneficial because this way, you’re reporting your progress to someone other than yourself. A friend or family member can also give advice and an outside perspective, helping push you towards your goal.

If working out at home isn’t your passion, you can also hold yourself accountable by signing up for an in-person workout class. Most workout studios have a late fee policy; if you cancel the class you booked, you either lose the class credit or are charged a cancellation fee. These policies can be a great motivator to not skip your workout since you won’t want to waste or lose money.

Create Small, Achievable Goals

When trying to develop a consistent workout routine, it’s important to set goals for yourself. Setting goals helps keep track of your progress and goes along with holding yourself accountable. To start, make a list of small, achievable goals.

  1. Go to one workout class every week with a friend.
  2. Walk 10,000 steps each day.
  3. Hold a one-minute plank in 30 days.

A tip for making effective goals is to follow the SMART method (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely). This approach ensures your goal is clearly defined, its progress is trackable, it’s attainable for you, it’s relevant to making working out a habit, and you have put a deadline around the goal, whether it be a month-long or minute-long goal.

Be Patient and Motivate Yourself

Finding ways to motivate and reward yourself can also help keep your workout routine consistent. A workout reward could be buying a new outfit to wear at the gym or treating yourself to a health shake after meeting one of your goals. Everyone motivates themselves with rewards in unique ways.

There are also two types of motivation you can use for accountability: extrinsic and intrinsic. Extrinsic motivation comes from those around you or an outside goal. Maybe you want to lead a healthier life for your children, or your goal is to have six-pack abdominal muscles. Intrinsic motivators are something you feel when working out, such as a runner’s high or confidence in yourself.

On average, it takes about two months to form a new habit. It’s important to be patient with yourself and strive for progress, not perfection. Remember that all habits take time, and you are one step closer to reaching your goals each day.

Whether you use outside motivators or have a big end goal, each of these tips can help you become a healthier and more disciplined version of yourself. Don’t forget working out naturally dehydrates the body, causing fatigue, soreness and other symptoms. Set yourself up for success by hydrating with Absopure Plus, vapor distilled water plus electrolytes, the best water for your workout experience.