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December 30, 2021

How to Get Better Sleep During the Winter Season

Over the long winter months, seasonal changes affect our bodies more than you may realize. Cold temperatures and less sunlight make it difficult for many to rise out of bed and feel energized. As a result, people tend to get less quality sleep, making them feel tired and possibly develop the winter blues.

The winter blues are common during this time of the year and can impact our sleep schedule, causing a lack of sleep or overall difficulty sleeping. To combat the winter blues, here are a few steps to improve your sleep schedule and help you get a good night’s rest all season long. 

Staying Active

Cold and dry weather can make it difficult to fit in daily exercise and feel motivated. However, committing to regular exercise is vital to a healthy sleep schedule and improves your sleep quality. Staying active and moving throughout the day will help expend energy, making sleeping at night easier. So, make time to stay active this winter, and don’t forget to pack a bottle of Absopure Plus, Absopure’s vapor distilled electrolyte water, to maintain your hydration levels.

Don’t Overheat Your House

When it’s cold outside, it’s normal to want to crank the heat up and snuggle in your cozy blankets, but keeping your home at cooler temperatures is ideal for receiving quality sleep during the winter season. Our bodies need to cool down as we prepare to fall asleep, so avoid overheating your home and you may feel more well-rested come morning! The thermostat should ideally stay around 62-68 degrees Fahrenheit to get adequate rest throughout the night.

Get Sufficient Daily Sunlight

The winter season brings about earlier sunsets and pitch-dark mornings, which can interrupt your nightly sleep schedule. The limited light exposure throughout the day leads to melatonin levels rising earlier in the afternoon, making you feel sleepy and less alert. Getting your daily dose of sunlight starting in the mornings can help you feel energized all day long. Then, when it’s time to wind down and prepare for your slumber, you will be able to have a successful night of sleep and comfort.

Eat Light Dinners

Snacking and indulging in your favorite foods is the most tempting during the winter. It’s often the time where people like to have comfort foods or warm and heavy meals, but those can disturb your sleep at night. Having to digest a large amount of food close to bedtime will stop your body from transitioning into sleep mode. Instead of hearty meats and potatoes for dinner, a better alternative would be a healthy soup paired with a bottle of your favorite Absopure product.