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November 5, 2014

Making the Most of Movember: Lifestyle Tips For Prostate Health

November is arguably the manliest month of the year. Think about it, November is a time for feasting, watching football and competing with friends to see who can grow the most facial hair. With this much macho packed into one month, it’s obvious why November has earned nicknames like “No Shave November” and “Movember.”

If you haven’t already started noticing your friends showing off pictures of their ‘stache on Facebook and Instagram, you will soon. But, why? It’s not just about who can grow the manliest mustache. It’s for a great cause! Movember is a month-long initiative to raise awareness about prostate cancer—a serious condition that affects one in seven men in the U.S.

Although raising awareness is important, prevention is critical. When it comes to preventing prostate cancer, medical experts now believe that lifestyle factors, such as diet and exercise, play a huge role in overall prostate health.

So gentlemen, as you join in the Movember fun and sport your ‘stache, make sure you’re also reducing your risk with these tips from our friends at Zero – The End of Prostate Cancer.

Your diet

A growing amount of medical research indicates that the consumption of certain foods and beverages can have a major impact on your likelihood of developing or successfully treating prostate cancer. These tips have the added benefit of also promoting a healthier lifestyle.

  • Eating more fruits and vegetables is great for overall wellness. But a diet rich in produce can also help your body minimize cancer risks. This includes leafy greens like broccoli, kale and cabbage and root vegetables, like carrots and yams, mushrooms, tomatoes, avocados and tomatoes. On the sweeter side, pomegranates, grapes, citrus fruits, apples and berries contain essential vitamins and cancer-fighting antioxidants.
  • Meat lovers be weary. Scientists believe there’s a link between diets rich in red meat and animal fats and the development of prostate cancer. Instead of red meat, eat lots of fish and other foods rich in Omega-3. This could help strengthen your immune system and disrupt cancer development.
  • Minimizing your consumption of dairy products and fried foods can also reduce your risk of developing prostate cancer. Drink more water, and incorporate these hydrating superfoods into your diet. Substituting sugary beverages with good old H2O can accelerate your metabolism and cleanse your body of cancer-causing toxins.

Get moving

Men who trend higher on the Body Mass Index (BMI) also increase their chances of dying from prostate cancer, compared to those with weights in the normal range. Diet is part of the solution, but exercise is also critical.

Regular exercise not only helps your body fight and heal from prostate cancer, it can also help prevent you from developing it entirely. Even low-impact physical activities like walking or swimming, if done on a regular basis, can help decrease your risk of developing cancer.

Lifestyle factors

In addition to eating right and exercising, there are three additional factors that can play a big role in cutting cancer risk.

  • Stop smoking. As if the wasted money and list of health risks weren’t enough of a reason to quit, medical evidence suggests that younger men who smoke also have a greater chance of cancer spreading throughout their bodies.
  • Reduce your alcoholic beverage intake. Men who consumed more than two alcoholic drinks per day are 20 percent more likely to develop prostate cancer.
  • Make sure you’re getting a good eight hours of sleep each night. Not getting enough sleep weakens your body’s immune response, thus impeding your ability to fight off infections, including cancer.

What other tips do you have for promoting a healthier, cancer-free lifestyle?