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December 16, 2016

5 Ways to Drink More Water During Winter

Winter is a magical time of year – snow, holidays, warm clothes and fuzzy blankets are just a few of the things associated with the season. But one word we tend not to think of during winter is water. Ice, yes. Water, no.

Throughout the summer months, drinking water is often at the top of your mind due to the side effect of high temperatures. But during the winter season, there’s no comparable stimulus to keep us hydrated.

Dehydration isn’t just something that happens when it’s hot outside – water is critical for our bodies all year ‘round. Rather than feelings of thirst, warning signs of dehydration during the winter include chapped lips, nosebleeds, dry coughs, headaches and acne.

To help keep you hydrated, here are five ways to trick yourself into drinking more water during winter.

1. Keep It Hot

During winter months, you might like to relax by sitting near the fireplace with a cup of hot tea. While that’s certainly a picturesque evening, you can hydrate yourself at the same time by switching out that tea with a mug of hot water, complete with a teaspoon of honey or lemon squeeze to provide that delicious faux-tea flavor.

2. Make it Routine

While you most likely drink water during your workouts, it can be hard to fit the practice into your everyday routine in the winter. Try and keep it top-of-mind during each stage of your day. You can still have your morning cup of coffee, but try adding a glass of water beforehand. At work during the day, keep some water next to you for visibility. Additionally, using a marker to draw intake times on the bottle allows you to keep your winter hydration regularly scheduled. In the evening, put a bottle of water on your nightstand so you see it before going to sleep.

3. Gamify Water Drinking

Who doesn’t like a good game? It’s a great way to incentivize yourself for all sorts of things, drinking water included! If you often forget to drink your daily required amount of water in the winter, set hydration goals for yourself to accomplish. For example, if you go a week drinking a certain amount of water each day, reward yourself with a treat you don’t get to enjoy very often. Luckily, there are several productivity apps to help you in your efforts.

4. Add Fruit

One of the biggest reasons people don’t drink enough water in the winter is its neutral, albeit refreshing taste. A great way to jazz it up is by infusing fruit slices – such as apple or lime – to your glass of water. Sparkling water is also a delicious way to get your water fix, if you’re attracted to beverages containing carbonation

5. Go Tit for Tat

The emergence of seasonal holiday drinks is often a big culprit in causing you to forget drinking water in the winter. One way to combat this is by committing yourself to drinking a bottle of water for every other type of drink you have.

What are some other ways to get yourself drinking more water in the winter? Tell us in the comments below!