5 Ways to Encourage Kids to Drink More Water

5 Ways to Encourage Kids to Drink More Water

While we all need H2O to survive, it can prove difficult to get kids to drink their recommended daily amount of water, especially after they’ve discovered alternatives like chocolate milk and juice. Since our bodies lose water through breathing, sweating and digestion – three things kids do frequently – it’s important that children are drinking enough to stay healthy and energized.

5 Tips to Speed Up Your Metabolism-Absopure-Featured

5 Tips to Speed Up Your Metabolism

Your metabolism – the process of breaking down the food we ingest for energy, development and repair – works a lot like a campfire. It’s tough to start one simply by throwing down a thick log and holding a lighter to it. Instead, you must use twigs and paper to spark a small flame, and feed it with larger pieces of wood to keep it burning strong.

4 Refreshing Yoga Poses for Winter-Featured-Absopure

4 Refreshing Yoga Poses

Yoga is beneficial for a broad variety of reasons, including increased flexibility, muscle strength, boosted energy and a balanced metabolism. But when the weather is cold, dryness and viral infection is common. Yoga can also help refresh you – providing improved respiration and cardio/circulatory health to help ward off infections. Coupled with drinking lots of water, yoga can keep you in tip-top shape no matter the season!