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March 16, 2016

Why The University of Detroit Mercy Relies on Absopure for Its Bottled Water Delivery Service

When searching for a bottled water delivery company that could service the needs of its staff, students, athletes and sports fans, The University of Detroit Mercy turned to Absopure’s team of refreshment experts.

“As the only Division I university in the city of Detroit, it was important for us to find a company that could deliver upon the quality products and exceptional service we were looking for,” said Rachele Conley, the school’s director of merchandising and concessions. “Our organization is also very passionate about supporting local companies within our community. Our alumni, donors and fans share our buy-local mentality, so partnering with Absopure was a clear choice for us.”

As the Official Bottled Water of The University of Detroit Mercy, we’ve worked alongside Rachele and her team to implement a variety of hydration solutions tailored to the needs of the various groups the university serves. In addition to stocking campus vending machines with our all natural spring water, we’ve set up water coolers and coffee brewers for faculty members in several departments and also supply concession stands with fan-pleasers like bottled water, coffee and hot chocolate.

“Absopure does a tremendous job of making sure our concession stands are stocked with everything we need,” said Rachele. “Not only do we rely on their bottled water to keep fans refreshed, we also brew Absopure Premium Coffee using the coffee brewers and airpots Absopure has provided us with. We even use the hot water spout on our Absopure water cooler to make hot chocolate on the spot.”

Because we know how important proper hydration is for peak athletic performance, we’ve also introduced a series of custom hydration solutions for the university’s Division I athletes.

“We recently introduced Absopure’s new electrolyte water, Absopure Plus, to our student athletes and are currently in conversations with Absopure about placing water fridges in our sports medicine and conditioning departments,” said Rachele.

At Absopure, we’re dedicated to providing the highest quality bottled water and refreshment services. To us, that means providing our customers with the largest selection of bottled water, world-class service, fast delivery and sustainable products and services.

“As someone who has experience purchasing products from many different suppliers, I could not be more pleased with the service Absopure provides,” Rachele mentioned. “My representative is attentive to my needs, and ordering is a breeze. I’m in constant contact with my driver, and in the event I forget to place an order (which does occasionally happen) he makes an active effort to contact me to see if there’s anything I need. Not only that, but they also help us reduce our waste by picking up our recyclables and taking it to their recycling facility in Dundee, MI.”

When it comes to choosing a bottled water delivery service for your organization, it’s important to work with a company that can provide the elevated level of service you deserve.

If you would like to try our home and office delivery service, call us at (800) 499-9938 to speak with one of our refreshment experts. Don’t forget to ask how you can sign up for a free 30-day trial.