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December 17, 2014

Wellness at Work: 5 Ways to Stay Healthy at the Office During the Holidays

‘Tis the season of sweets. Pretty soon, the office breakroom will be filled with holiday cookies and gift baskets galore. With so many sweets available, how can offices make sure they’re providing employees with nutritious alternatives and encouraging healthy decisions?

For offices trying to promote wellness at work, the holidays can pose a challenge. Staying active and having an office job don’t exactly go hand-in-hand. Working on spreadsheets or reports for eight hours a day may give your mind a workout, not always your body.

But just because your job may not be physically demanding, and holiday snacks deck the halls, doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to further your wellness goals while you’re on the clock.

Here are five easy ways to stay healthy, happy and in-shape at the office this holiday season:

Stay standing
The American Medical Association believes that sitting for prolonged periods of time can contribute to a number of health issues, including poor circulation, aches and pains. These concerns have given rise to the popularity of alternative workstations like the standing desk or the treadmill desk.

If you find yourself seated for most of the day, consider making the switch to a more active workstation or get up and walk around periodically throughout the day. Reducing the amount of time you spend sitting can improve your energy level while making you more alert and focused at work.

Can’t stand? Ditch the chair!
If sitting is part of your job, there are ways to help lessen some of the potential negative effects. Instead of a chair, try using balance ball instead. In addition to being bouncy and fun, using an exercise ball as a chair helps condition core muscles and can alleviate lower back pain.

Get some steps in
The best way to prevent yourself from becoming sedentary at work is to stay moving. Take a walk on your lunch hour to stretch out those muscles and get a boost of energy. Set a distance goal each day and track your progress using a pedometer or fitness apps for your smartphone.

Careful what you eat
Vending machines, break room cookies and gift baskets from clients can pose an almost constant temptation if you work in a corporate setting. Staying healthy in the office environment also means being careful about your food choices.

Packing a lunch and healthy snacks not only helps you stick to your overall wellness goals, but it also saves you money. Skip the carryout and pack a salad. Instead of seasonal cookies and cakes, grab a lower calorie alternative, like a granola bar from home. Or, instead of reaching for the candy tray, reach for a fruit basket instead.

Drink plenty of fluids
Drinking enough water per day is important too. Staying hydrated keeps your metabolism rolling and helps you feel fuller, longer. This can help curb your appetite and urge to reach for potentially unhealthy snacks.

Among the other various health benefits of drinking plenty of water, staying hydrated promotes a healthy immune system. And, a healthy immune system is something we could all use during the peak of cold and flu season.

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What are some of the ways you try to stay active and healthy around the office?