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June 15, 2023

Ways to Get Your Children to Drink More Water

Compared to popular soft drinks, juice boxes and the beloved chocolate milk, getting your little ones to consider choosing water can be a difficult task. Drinking water is essential for everyone, especially for children. As a parent, nothing is more important than keeping your child healthy. Check out these ways to get your children to drink more water and ensure they stay properly hydrated.

First—How Much Water Should a Child Drink?

Did you know drinking the suggested daily amount of water benefits joints, bones, blood circulation, memory, mood, energy and helps maintain a healthy weight into adulthood? Children age one to three need approximately four cups of water daily for adequate hydration. The water intake increases to around five cups for four to eight-year-olds and seven to eight cups for older children.

Make Water Accessible

Ensuring water is accessible is the first step any parent should take when maintaining their young one’s water intake. Providing access to water everywhere you go will not only benefit your child but help you too! Installing an Absopure five-gallon water dispensing station in the house or having a case of Absopure Plus Electrolyte Water in the car will help everyone keep water on their mind. This way, your family is reminded to stay hydrated! Storing a few bottles of Absopure 6.5oz Spring Water Packables is a great option for the kiddo’s school bags.

Get Creative

Children can be picky. As a guardian, getting them to drink water may require some out-of-the-box thinking. Plus, some of the best-tasting fruit juices are loaded with sugar—a child’s dream drink. To give your young one a new flavor to explore while limiting the calories, sugar and acids, try diluting their next cup of juice with water. Try this with apple, orange, grape or pomegranate juice—the list goes on!

You can also shake things up by adding fruit to your child’s water. Infusing water with fruits like lemon, lime and berries will create delicious flavors without making the beverage unhealthy. In place of using ice, try freezing berries or cucumbers for a fun way to cool off your little one’s water.

Drinking Water Can Be Fun

Colorful straws or sippy cups can make drinking water more fun for your child! Incentivizing water with stickers, handmade charts or graphics showing the amount of water consumption can be a good way to make the hydration process even more exciting. Celebratory dances or special handshakes when your child has met their goal will encourage your youngster to continue participating.

Leading by example is a critical step all guardians should take when encouraging their children to follow healthy hydration habits. As a parent, you are a role model. Avoiding sugary drinks or juices and providing constant encouragement to drink water will reassure your kiddos to make the right decisions about hydration. Use these tips to help you and your little one feel hydrated, energized and rejuvenated!