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June 29, 2023

How to Plan the Perfect Summer Picnic

Picnic season is officially here! Without proper preparation, your outdoor endeavors can quickly turn from a beautiful getaway to just another day. A worthwhile picnic depends on four factors: the essentials, the environment, the activities and most importantly, the food. So, grab a cozy blanket, a basket, a cooler packed with Absopure water and prepare for the perfect picnic with these helpful tips!

The Essentials

When planning your dream picnic, don’t overlook the essentials. Bring a large blanket suitable for outside to avoid sitting directly on the ground. Remember to pack some trash bags, reusable plates, cups and utensils for an eco-friendly picnic experience. Sunscreen and bug repellent are crucial for protection against some of nature’s most unforgiving elements. A reliable cooler is necessary to keep your drinks cool and prevent perishable foods from spoiling.

Finally, being outside in the heat can leave you dehydrated. Try storing pre-frozen Absopure Plus Electrolyte Water in your cooler to stay energized while keeping your food fresh. Frozen bottles will also provide refreshing, extra cool water as they melt throughout the day. These essentials are the first step toward a perfect picnic outing. 

The Environment

Finding the ideal picnic location can elevate your outdoor dining experience. Start by considering your desired ambiance—a serene lakeside setting, a shady park or a picturesque meadow. Another thing to consider is comfort. You should look for locations with ample shade to shield you from the sun if it gets too warm. Most beaches and parks provide access to amenities such as picnic tables, grills and restrooms, but it never hurts to double-check before deciding where to have your dream picnic. If privacy is important to you, search for secluded spots away from crowds and playgrounds.

Before finalizing the location, check if the area condones picnicking and if any permits are required. By researching and selecting a well-suited picnic area, you can create a memorable and enjoyable outing for everyone involved.

The Activities

Bringing along engaging activities can help fill your picnic with entertainment! Looking to set the mood? Bring a radio or speaker and listen to your favorite genre of music. Or, if you plan to spend the entire day outside, keep yourself busy with a good book, frisbee or deck of cards. Bringing the kiddos to a picnic on the beach? Packing a kite, a beach ball or sand castle construction gear is always a great idea!

The Food

Food selection can make all the difference when planning the perfect picnic. Ask yourself what type of meal you have in mind, simple or intricate? Family-friendly or adult set? You can consider what dishes to pass after identifying your guest group and style. From refreshing salads to delectable desserts, here are some delicious yet simple dishes for a delightful outdoor feast.

Start with a variety of finger foods like gourmet cheese and charcuterie, complemented by a selection of delicious jams and crackers. Bring along some colorful fruit or vegetable salads for a refreshing side dish. Pack light and refreshing sandwiches, such as lemony cucumber and cream cheese or turkey, brie and cranberry. Or, for those with a sweet tooth, bring along some freshly-baked pastries or cookies. Plus, no picnic is complete without thirst-quenching beverages like a case of extra cold Absopure All Natural Spring Water.

Planning the perfect summer picnic involves careful consideration. From selecting the ideal location to packing essential items like blankets, utensils and coolers—every detail counts. Engaging in enjoyable activities and preparing a delicious array of foods adds to the overall experience. A well-planned picnic can create lasting memories. Take the time to plan with these tips, and you’ll be well-equipped to make the most of your picnic in the great outdoors.