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Refreshing Thoughts
July 7, 2017

Pet Hydration: 4 Facts You Need to Know

July is Pet Hydration Awareness Month – a time dedicated to showing the importance of proper hydration in your pet’s life. Without water, your pet’s body – much like our own bodies – will not be able to function as...

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Healthy Living
April 7, 2017

5 Ways to Encourage Kids to Drink More Water

While we all need H2O to survive, it can prove difficult to get kids to drink their recommended daily amount of water, especially after they’ve discovered alternatives like chocolate milk and juice. Since our bodies lose water through breathing, sweating...

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Healthy Living
September 17, 2014

Why Is Proper Hydration Important to Student Athletes?

Now that school is officially back in session, high school sports are well underway and student athletes are brining their game, both on and off the field. With the fall sports season upon us, let’s talk about the importance of...

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