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June 10, 2021

Reasons to Prioritize Hydration During Men’s Health Month

During the month of June, we celebrate Men’s Health Month to bring awareness to the broad spectrum of health concerns impacting men’s lives. The national observance is hosted by Men’s Health Network, an organization that has worked to enrich men’s health through national screening and educational campaigns since 1992. The main purpose is to raise awareness of preventable health problems and encourage early detection and treatment of disease among men and boys.

On average, men tend to brush off minor health symptoms and are more reluctant to go to the doctor than women. With this in mind and the fact that certain conditions are more prevalent in men, it is crucial to understand daily practices to safeguard physical and mental health. Prioritizing proper hydration is one way to do this and can prevent future risks. Here are a few reasons why drinking enough water is especially important for men.

It cleanses the body.

Maintaining a sufficient intake of water throughout the day helps the body flush out toxins and impurities. Without enough water, these toxins can build up in tissue cells and throw off systems like hormone production and blood circulation. Since men produce different hormones than women, they require even more water and would benefit from keeping a bottle of Absopure Purified Drinking Water with them wherever they go.

It increases energy and mood.

Fatigue is commonly a result of dehydration and leaves a person feeling unmotivated and irritable. Although everyone’s hydration levels are slightly different, men tend to require more water to feel energized because of factors like larger body composition and higher amounts of energy expenditure. Mood is also impacted by these factors and can be majorly improved just by getting in an extra glass or two of water each day.

It aids in muscle repair and growth.

Not only does water help grow and maintain the attractive physical appearance of muscle, but it aids in supporting essential health processes. Muscles that lack enough water will start to break down, releasing harmful proteins into the bloodstream, further increasing the likelihood of organ damage. This breakdown can also increase the chances of men developing future medical conditions.

Tips on Daily Hydration Practices:
  • Just completed an intense workout? Start by drinking at least a glass or two of water to replenish the body and aid in muscle repair. Also, try adding in sports drinks or other electrolyte-enhanced waters, like Absopure Plus Electrolyte Water.
  • Going on an outdoor weekend trip? Keep disposable water bottles on hand for easy access and quick recovery after physical activities. Try stocking up your car with a case of Absopure’s mineral-enhanced AmplipHy Alkaline Water.
  • Planning a picnic for that special someone? To keep your mood and energy levels high during an exciting picnic date, make sure to bring plenty of water along with food options. Try bringing a case of Absopure Steam Distilled Water on those extra hot days and quench your thirst with one of the cleanest forms of drinking water available.

You can make these tips a daily routine by stocking up on a variety of Absopure Water products!