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March 29, 2024

Hydration Tips for Different Lifestyles

While maintaining proper hydration may feel daunting for busy professionals, multitasking parents and dynamic athletes, it can be easy and fun! Whether it’s sipping on infused water during meetings, creating a family hydration goal or optimizing your workout and recovery, check out these tips to integrate hydration seamlessly into your daily routine.

Working from Home

As more professionals find themselves working from home, some have trouble signing off for the day. Longer hours and less break time can make it difficult to focus on physical health. Along with the rise of remote work, coffee consumption has reached an all-time high in the United States. While one or two cups in combination with water are perfectly normal, it is important to prioritize water intake over coffee for overall health.

On average, men need around 8 bottles and women 6 bottles of water daily for optimal hydration. Setting hourly reminders and alarms throughout the day to sip on water can be helpful for workers who have jam-packed schedules. Skip the third cup of coffee and swap it for a bottle of Absopure Spring Water. Most people prefer cold water, so try refrigerating gallons or bottles of Absopure Spring Water to grab when reminded to hydrate.

Commuting and In-Office

For individuals who commute to work, taking water on the go is key for consistent hydration. Utilizing a reusable bottle will help keep your water cold all day and is an easy way to stay refreshed during your travels. Due to the rising popularity of reusable water bottles, thousands of colors, patterns and brands are available to choose from—adding an exciting and customizable aspect to your hydration game. Additionally, infusing water with fruits like lemon and strawberries, vegetables, or herbs like cucumber, basil and rosemary can keep your daily hydration interesting and delicious.

Bring a gallon of Absopure Purified Drinking Water to the office for refilling to ensure you’re drinking the purest water while away from home. This can be stored under a desk or in a shared common space. To take your hydration a step further, consider signing up for Absopure’s office delivery service and have water coolers delivered direct to your workplace. This service ensures everyone at work has access to cold, crisp Absopure water throughout the day.

Busy Parents and Packed Schedules

Busy stay-at-home parents sometimes need help getting creative with health and wellness for their families. We suggest turning drinking water into a fun challenge for the whole family to participate. This will encourage kids and parents to be more aware of their drinking habits.

For example, a family of four can strive to finish 154 water bottles a week (98 bottles between parents and 56 bottles between two children). Quantifying how much is needed allows everyone to keep track of their habits and feel accountable. If you want to start small, try Absopure Packables! These 6.5 oz Absopure All Natural Spring Water bottles fit easily in lunch boxes, small purses and backpacks. Parents can also utilize Packables for a quick drink during a trip to the park or a walk with the kiddos.


Many adults are active in sports and physical activities along with their busy work schedules. Being an active athlete makes staying hydrated even more important for personal well-being. Exercise is great for maintaining optimal health but can pose health risks without proper rest and water intake. When combining high temperatures and intense exercise, there can be negative effects on the human body if not addressed. When we exercise, we lose fluids through sweat, which is necessary for body temperature regulation. As we lose fluids, replacing them is vital to overall performance. We suggest a hydration-tracking app for athletes to help conquer daily hydration needs. There are multiple options available for download that track your intake and exercise and send reminders when necessary.

Many sports drinks for athletes contain added sugar that the body does not need for recovery. Absopure Plus, vapor distilled water with electrolytes, has added electrolytes and no added sugars—making it an excellent option for those living an active lifestyle.

With these tailored hydration tips for different lifestyles, you can navigate your busy schedule while staying consistently hydrated. Whether you’re at work, managing family responsibilities or hitting the gym, let these tips serve as gentle reminders to keep hydration at the forefront. And make sure to bring some ice-cold Absopure along the way!