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October 28, 2019

Hopeful Hydration: Why We’re Proud to Support Hope Water Project

We here at Absopure are proud to support the Hope Water Project during another busy race season! Earlier this month, the Detroit Free Press/TCF Bank Marathon took place, and with it, thousands of racers requiring a lot of water! We’re proud to, once again, have provided for all of these runner’s hydration needs as the Official Water Provider of the Free Press/TCF Bank Marathon, but there’s another cause that we’re proud to support, and hope you’ll soon support too—Hope Water Project!

In the arid and unforgiving terrain of sub-Saharan Africa, water is a precious resource. Women and children of the Pokot community can spend a quarter of their days in search of water, and oftentimes what they find is diseased, polluted and unfit for human consumption. Water-born illnesses can run rampant, causing disease and even death. Hope Water Project is dedicated to alleviating and eliminating those issues for the Pokot

Check out the video below to learn a little bit more about the Hope Water Project:

Meanwhile, stay tuned to the Absopure Facebook page for updates on the Hope Water Project, how we’re getting involved and how you can too!

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