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food labels
Healthy Living
March 14, 2024

Tips for Navigating Food Labels

How closely do you pay attention to food labels while grocery shopping? Despite being a helpful tool, many Americans need help identifying healthy options and deciphering what nutrition information really means. Knowing how to read this information properly is important, including essential details about what’s in products, such as ingredients, calories, and serving sizes. Check out the following tips for navigating food labels to help you make healthy and informed choices in celebration of National Nutrition Month.

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Refreshing Thoughts
August 11, 2017

Does Eating Ice Cream Make You Thirsty?

Ice cream – that delicious frozen mixture of cream/milk and sugar – is unsurprisingly most peoples’ favorite summer treat. On a sweltering day, nothing beats a sundae to help cool you off – or so you think. Once you’ve devoured...

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