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August 11, 2017

Does Eating Ice Cream Make You Thirsty?

Ice cream – that delicious frozen mixture of cream/milk and sugar – is unsurprisingly most peoples’ favorite summer treat.

On a sweltering day, nothing beats a sundae to help cool you off – or so you think. Once you’ve devoured your ice cream, you may find yourself pining for the nearest bottle of Absopure.

That’s because eating ice cream does, in fact, make you thirsty.

And there’s a simple explanation for why it happens…

Why Eating Ice Cream Makes You Thirsty

When ice cream – and any other sweet food – enters your bloodstream, chemicals like sodium, sugar, fat, amino acid and more circulate through your body and drain water from your cells.

Once these substances absorb your water supply and your blood becomes more concentrated, your body tells your brain that you need additional fluids.

So, in a sense, eating ice cream makes your body think it’s dehydrated.

The Fix

If eating ice cream is making you thirsty, there’s a simple solution – just keep a refreshing bottle of Absopure close by whenever you want to enjoy your summer treat!

You can also opt for sugar-free and/or low sodium ice cream options as a way to reduce your thirst.

Does eating ice cream make you thirsty? Share your own solutions in the comments below!