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Halloween water bottle activities
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October 20, 2021

Fun Halloween Activities to Enjoy with Your Children

Ghouls, ghosts and goblins–spooky season has officially begun! The start of October means Halloween is right around the corner. Haunted houses, scary movies and more all lead up to the long-awaited night filled with candy and costumes. But why wait until the big night? Celebrate all month long with these cute and creepy activities for kids of all ages.

Wicked Witches Brew

Fire up the cauldron! This creative water play activity is sure to put a spell on your kids. Start your brew by filling a cauldron with all-natural spring water and a splash of vinegar. Next, drop in a few favorite creepy toys, slimy plastic insects and monster eyeballs in the pot for a special, creepy touch. Add a ladle and sprinkle in a dash of baking soda to finish off your bubbly, fizzy wicked witched brew. Then, the only thing left is to splash, swirl and have a good time.

Mummy Bowling

Stock up on bottled water to create the cutest mummy bowling pins that double as a party favor. Using toilet paper or gauze, wrap ten bottles of water to create a mummy look. Next, glue googly eyes to the bottles, draw on mouths with a permanent marker and add other spooky accessories for a festive look. Set up the pins, grab a ball and aim for a strike!

Jack-O’-Lantern Sensory Bottle

Quick and easy to make, sensory bottles don’t require any specific materials, allowing your creativity to thrive! Start with half a bottle of your favorite Absopure and add some clear glue to the bottle. Shake vigorously to combine the water and glue, and then add in water beads, glitter or other tiny trinkets. Finish it off with a hand-drawn jack-o’-lantern, and let the kiddos give it a shake. Watching the glitter and trinkets swirl around is a fun new activity that’s sure to keep everyone entertained.